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Health Benefits of Eating Breakfast

* Eating breakfast decreases the chances of becoming obese, having a heart attack or developing diabetes according to study conducted by Harvard Medical School. * High-fiber breakfast can lessen the risk occurrence of colon cancer and intestinal polyps. * A good breakfast can provide you with all the energy and vitality for the day, to carry out your daily chores. * A healthy breakfast makes you feel fresh the whole day. * A proper breakfast reduces your cravings for fast foods, which are not good for health. * Adequate breakfast prevents you from having a heavy lunch, which could affect your diet. * One can balance the calorie intake for the day by having regular breakfast. * Children, who have breakfast, perform better at school. * Concentration levels are high if one has one’s breakfast. * A breakfast consisting of high fiber cereals can protect the intestinal tract and protects other parts of the body. * A good breakfast can help you lose weight as you need not overeat during other meals. * Breakfast helps in breaking the overnight fasting time period. * Breakfast helps in boosting metabolism. * Breakfast is a good source of vitamins and minerals. * Fatigue is less if one takes high-fiber cereals for breakfast. * Children who avoid breakfast tend to make poor choice of food throughout the day and perhaps throughout life. * Those who skip breakfast tend to indulge in snacking. * Children who do not take breakfast suffer from a deficiency of iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin B as well as other vitamins and minerals. * Your glucose levels also goes up after having breakfast and you feel less dizzy. * Certain food items can be taken at breakfast, which perhaps you may otherwise avoid.

All “go-getters” need to make sure they have their breakfast. Your day begins well and with extra zest you will be able to perform your work well. Also you will not overeat during lunch as you would feel less hungry. Breakfast is a must for those who want to be productive all throughout the day.

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