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Treatment of an alcoholism and narcotism treatment comprises a number of the standard medical receptions applied in narcological clinic which are directed on removal by narcotic dependence.

Specificity of the Inpatient Rehab Centres

For this reason there is an opinion that the narcotism does not give in to treatment that various new addiction treatment centers of a narcotism and an alcoholism are inefficient and that actually the addict is hopelessly sick person. It's valid can the truth if treatment is limited exclusively only to the medicamentous approach, without the further rehabilitation. Effective rehabilitation of addicts and alcoholics can become the decision of this problem.

The inpatient rehab centers of the narco-/alcodependent use the effective and complex approach in rehabilitation of patients. This method at all does not include any medical hypnosises and pharmacological antidepressants of long action.

For anybody there will be no big secret that treatment which is used by official narcology, gives only short-term disposal of narcodependence, thus, in a consequence the person again starts to accept drugs.

Alcoholism or narcotism treatment undoubtedly conducts to disposal of physical and psychological dependence but only for a while, and in most cases narcodependence comes back. The various centres of addiction treatment for "dependent people" is created only for this purpose.

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