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Manias of Gamblings


Problem gambling (or ludomania) becomes the public phenomenon. The ludomania has one distinctive specificity — danger very long remains imperceptible.

Hazardous Inclination

The ludomania, in it cannot be any doubts, — the disease recognised in all medical systems of the World. Helpers of development of it disease first of all halls with slot machines. They produce players, which have no possibility to repay a debt, thus they is playing again and again… Without exaggeration it's possible to assert, that the ludomania is socially dangerous phenomenon.

Obsession gamblings or ludomania is recognised by emotional disease. Because of such predilection as ludomania the life turns to painful existence! The ludomania devours all: mutual relations in a family, work, relations with favourite, friends. Gambling can transform the successful person into the paranoid monster. Heart is filled with bitterness, despair and indignation…

The ludomania is serious enough disease. And if you have found out signs of ludomania in the relative or the loved one, it's necessary to begin treatment immediately. Otherwise the mania can lead to irreparable consequences.

Mania treatment assumes revealing of the reasons of dependence and their timely elimination.

Story of Gambling Paranoia

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