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Gerovital H3 Evolution

Gerovital productsAfter long-term researches, professor Ana Aslan has invented possibility to interfere with process of ageing of a skin, is true possibility which was carried out by means of a unique super cream — Gerovital H3.Professor Ana Aslan

Ageing process is started up back!

Professor Ana Aslan has entrusted manufacture of these creams to the 1st Gerovital Romania Cosmetics Manufacturer. About skin care creams of Gerovital H3 Ana Aslan spoke: "Skin care it not only a way of care of a skin, it's original vital philosophy."

Natural cosmetics by GerovitalGerovital H3Gerovital H3 creams have very natural and nutritious structure, with the big volume of natural fats and oils which fully protect and humidify a gentle skin. Creams of Gerovital H3 scale are created specially for people having a problem skin, and for a skin with microcirculation problems.

This full and complex care of a skin is carried out in three directions: recycling, feeding, humidifying, thereby it's the best choice which you can make for your skin, thus your skin will be always elastic, young and beautiful.

If you have a very dry skin, I assure you that you will find the ideal decision in scale of Gerovital H3 with the high maintenance of natural active components which perfectly rejuvenate and improve a skin.

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