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Depression — the Syndrome of 21th Century

Great Depression

Researches worldwide show: depression becomes the most widespread illness of our time. This widespread frustration which millions people suffer. According to different researchers, about 20% of the population of the developed countries are subject to depression.

Depression — serious disease which sharply reduces work capacity and brings suffering both to the patient, and relatives. Practically in all developed countries of a health service put efforts on propagation of data on depression and ways of treatment.

Depression — illness of all organism. Typical signs of depressions.
Depression symptoms are very various and vary depending on the disease form. I will list the most typical signs of this frustration.

Emotional Symptoms

* DepressionMelancholy, suffering, the oppressed, suppressed mood, despair, irritability.
* Alarm, feeling of internal pressure, trouble expectation.
* Sense of guilt, frequent self-charges.
* Depression is often combined with alarm about health and destiny of relatives, and also with fear to seem insolvent in public places.

Physiological Symptoms

Irritability * The sleeplessness, drowsiness.
* Appetite changes (loss or an overeating).
* Infringement of function of intestines.
* Decrease of sexual activity.
* Energy decrease, weakness.
* Pains and various unpleasant sensations in a body (for example, in heart, in the field of a stomach, in muscles).

Behavioural Symptoms

* Passivity, difficulties of involving in purposeful activity.
* Avoiding of contacts (propensity to a solitude).
* Refusal of entertainments.
* Abusing the psychoactive substances giving time simplification.

Cogitative Symptoms

* Difficulties of concentration.
* Difficulties of decision-making.
* Prevalence of gloomy, negative thoughts about the life, about the world as a whole.
* Gloomy, pessimistic vision of the future with absence of prospect.
* Presence of thoughts about own uselessness, insignificance, feebleness.
* Slowness of thinking.

Frequently people do not possess the necessary information and misunderstand the nature of the depression. It seems to them if their state of health is connected with clear vital difficulties, it not depression, and normal human reaction which will pass. Quite often happens and so that physiological symptoms of depression promote belief formation about presence of serious somatic diseases.


Efficiency of treatment of depression depends on adequacy of therapeutic actions. Biological treatment of depression first of all includes pharmacological therapy. At the same time for biological treatment of depression can be used: effective medical products (Valocordin, Wellbutrin, Validolum, Novo-passit), electroconvulsive therapy, phototherapy, dietary therapy, therapy by medicinal grasses (Tinctura Paeoniae, Herba Leonuri, Extractum Passiflorae fluidum).

MelancholyAmong medicamentous means of treatment of depression energizers are most often applied, however in the course of therapy of this disease, also use other preparations: tranquilizers, vitamins, hormones, antioxidants, lithium salts, the medicines improving a metabolism of cages of a brain, and other medical products.

It's necessary to notice that energizers can be effective also at treatment of alarm, fear, a migraine, a bulimia, vegetative crises and even at elimination of pains of a various origin as energizers usually raise a threshold of painful sensitivity.

Treatment of signs of depression can be spent by means of psychotherapy. Many patients test a false alarm concerning constant dependence on energizers. It's important to remember that the medicinal recipe needs to be received from the attending physician, only then it's possible to go towards a local drugstore.

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