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The Californian Shop of Medicinal Marijuana

Medical marihuana

The shop of medical marihuana «SPARC» (San Francisco, California) became the winner of the annual award of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in the nomination of «the Architecture of Interior Space».


According to developers — «Sand Studios», patients, as a rule, are compelled to buy hemp or marijuana in poorly issued premises. Therefore the architect Erich Pearson, has considered the mission as: "to move medical marijuana from a dark on a sun", giving to potential clients a good mood at purchase.

Thus SPARC is the noncommercial project, called to supply needy patients with chronic diseases by medicinal marijuana at the low prices. Besides traditional forms of a medicine — the dried up inflorescences for smoking and extracts for intake — the shop offers culinary production with marijuana and hemp sprouts. To make purchase it's possible only under the recipe of the doctor.

It's Marijuana Legal!

Medicinal marijuana

Marihuana is on sale in chemist's bottles of dark glass with design labels, its storage is carried out in the wooden boxes fixed along one wall as it was accepted in ancient drugstores. The price-list is displayed on liquid crystal screens. The furniture is made of a local oak, a lamp from laboratory glass.

The design of a facade of shop is based on a picture received at the analysis of sequence of DNA of hemp. The facade is executed from glass that should symbolize a transparency and legality of application of medical marijuana.

According to facts about smoking, smoking of marijuana is many times more safe than smoke of usual cigarettes. Besides it, marijuana has positive medical influence on a human body.

Marijuana legal

Now medical application of hemp is authorized in 15 US states. According to forecasts of experts, by 2016 use of preparations of hemp (medicinal marijuana) can be legalise marihuana in Mexico, thus volumes of its sales will reach $8,9 billion/Year.

Marijuana Legalize!

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