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A Teeth Protection: the Electric Toothbrush

More and more consumers pay more and more attention to such unusual kind of home appliances as the electric toothbrushes.

A Healthy Teeth is Your Big Capital!

Oral-B recommendationsSo, what electric tooth-brushes are available in assortment? As well as the manual toothbrushes, the electric tooth-brushes are subdivided into a hygienic toothbrushes and a preventive tooth-brushes.

The first generation are the electric toothbrushes with a rectangular bristle. The second generation are the electric tooth-brushes with a small round head plus the single-level cleaning surface. Certainly, and now in the health market it's possible to meet such "dinosaurs", but, as a matter of fact, such hygienic toothbrushes have already become obsolete.

An Electric toothbrush Vs. a Manual Toothbrush

Manual toothbrushA modern preventive electric tooth-brushes have several types, and they have as the like and also the dislike. For example, some developers try to create a form variations to a rectangular toothbrushes head.

The most simple in a class of the preventive electric tooth-brushes with a round head are the toothbrushes possessing a two-level bristle which create the circular motions. More difficult variant of the electric toothbrush is the tooth-brush having a two-level cleaning area, the deterioration indicator, and also a vibrating movements.

Will, Toothbrush, Special, For You!

Electric toothbrushesSo, we have found out, what electric tooth-brushes exist, but after all it's necessary also to manage to choose a toothbrush especial only for you. For this purpose there are some variants of indexation of overall performance of the electric toothbrushes.

The 1st question. You need the hygienic or preventive electric tooth-brush?
Of course, the preventive toothbrush will stand in hierarchy of electric tooth-brushes much above, than a hygienic toothbrush but, if you plan to use along with an electric tooth-brush also the usual toothbrush, then to you it's necessary to pay attention to versions of the hygienic electric tooth-brushes, because this variant is a more effective tooth protection.

And the 2nd — How often you brush the teeth?
I.e. if you prefer to brush teeth at least 3 times a day you should be convinced that the tooth-brush supports the additional nozzles (as the stationary brush head will very quickly become unfit for use). For example, the most popular of such type: Braun Oral-B Triumph 5000, Oral B Triumph 4000, Philips Sonicare FlexCare.

Oral-B Triumph 400

The person who only has started to use an electric toothbrush, at the beginning very much will be helped by a signal of duration of tooth-brushing. He will alarm, if you too long brush teeth. The signals types of the electric toothbrushes: acoustic, optical (light) and, the best alarm — vibration. Some tooth-brushes stop while it's necessary to spit out or rinse a mouth. And the top of evolution of electric toothbrushes are tooth-brushes with the replaceable heads.
Anyhow, before purchase my recommendations see as: to hear the real recommendation or to read the electric toothbrush reviews.

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