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Healthy Meals Recipes (Healthy Meals Recipes Easy)

Healthy Meals Recipes. Does not matter that whether you are cooking for your family or to come together, all you want, while you are cooking pleasure marks on the face of each finished with lunch or dinner. For that you definitely need help and this is what makes the recipe a healthy diet is very important. You get some great ideas about some delicious dishes can be cooked quickly and served quickly.

This is a healthy food recipes that are easy to cook and eat fresh.

It takes only 30 minutes without added sugar and low in calories.

Mixed vegetables and semolina pudding

o 1 (milk
o Pinch of salt
o 150 g semolina
o 20 g butter
o 2 eggs, separated
o 20 g cold butter added
o 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
o 750 g mixed berries (frozen)

(1) Boil the milk after adding salt and butter.

(2) As milk heats, ripe fruit is collected in accordance with the instructions on the package.

(3) Mix the semolina in the milk begins to boil. Cut slowly heated to ensure Simmer for about 10 minutes. Thick mixture gradually changed. Keep stirring to prevent burning.

(4) Add the remaining butter and slightly beaten egg yolks. Add cinnamon to the pudding. Stir, beat egg whites stiff, and gently placing them in the pudding. Mixture of different fruits, berries spread to the decor, add a little cinnamon and ready to serve.

With the economic slowdown in recent times to eat all the time even more difficult for most of us. In addition, foods high in calories in food, fat and sodium or packaged, place, or frozen for a long time to provide real-time is difficult for many of us. Easy recipes for healthy food has room for a quick delicious meal at home.

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