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Heart Healthy Living. Even before the full force of the economic crisis is part of the nightly news, the stress level is quite intense American feeling about our finances to be heart healthy life more difficult.

American Psychological Association study called Stress in America, published in October 2008 (with data collected through the end of September, just as the market moves down) looking for a full 46% of us are concerned about providing the basic needs of our family.

72% recorded for the money, work for 68%, 47% and housing to create uncertainty by 34%.

More seriously, many of us who reported physical symptoms of stress as compared with last year. Sleep at night and a shorter fuse. Strife and the fear of chipping away at our health.

Currently (and continues) of unhealthy stress, combined with eating foods high in fat and calories and drop-hours of training to take over the workplace, we are all big enough to take advantage of the health of one of our key organs - hearts.

What can you do to help yourself?

One of the first things the best you can do better for your body to be taken by eating healthy foods that will give you five servings of fruits and vegetables, experts recommend that we eat everyday.

Cooking at home instead of eating out or treated, can help you save money and give your body a well-to-basics at the same time.

Foods closer to the natural state is almost always cheaper than the alternative - to think the salad in a bag older than lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and so on. Convenience is expensive and not always good for us.

But food is only part of the picture of heart health.

You also need to know your body, the risk of heart disease.

- Do you have a family history of heart disease?
- What are your cholesterol numbers?
- Do you have a very low LDL (bad cholesterol) and high HDL (good cholesterol)?
- And what about your blood pressure, high or low?

Recognizing also that the heart is a muscle and like other muscles, to stay strong and healthy to run and exercise regularly. Even just half an hour walk a day is a good start.

Almost as important, find ways to manage your stress level is another key to your heart healthy.

You need a positive outlet for nervous energy - tight and clean training, meditation or relaxation breathing, hobbies and laughing - all great for reducing stress in your life.

American Psychological Association offers a number of issues of common sense tips for managing your stress level gorgeous in uncertain economic times.

At the moment money is tight, you may be tempted to postpone your health or sports membership to cut.

But does this hurt you more in the long run, because you feel bad more than they should, and ultimately more time and money to get yourself a good (or as healthy) again.

If you have a problem giving you a prescription drug, consult with your doctor.

Often pharmaceutical companies have programs to help patients get the medicines they need without payment, or your doctor may be able to provide examples to help you.

Good heart health as well, as we all know, not smoking, avoiding secondhand smoke as much as possible.

Smoking in outside costs, increase the risk of heart problems, and other dangerous diseases. Stop now start on the road with a reduced risk and save money.

Bad news Very easy to take over and sabotage your health as possible. We do this to remember this is not the first time we have a difficult time, and may not be the last.

We may not be able to control what happens in the economy or the world around us, but we need to pulse (or not taken) controls in our hearts and our health and to ensure that we live a healthy heart.

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