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Healthy Living And Eating (Healthy Living And Eating Legislation)

Healthy Living And Eating. Living Healthy, Eat Right and Live Again!

We have hundreds of books, articles, blogs, etc. on the subject are available for us to live healthy and eat well. But looking at the statistics in North America, we can not become something that will really show who ignored the advice to detect.

Indeed, some information out there that are complicated and confusing, but part of it contains good and useful info, and some have too much information, and some of them for one and can be dangerous. Like all things today, we must be able to sort out the good and useful information, and remove and ignore the others.

First let me say here:

We do not need a doctor or medicine.

Look for wildlife, for example, almost no pain out there!

WHY? well, they live and eat healthy!

For most of us do not, in our modern world, have much influence on our environment from pollution, contamination, etc., and no one can come in and suggest that life in the big city for our health. In addition, migration to other things we can control that exist purely to help us lead a healthy life.

Reduce stress: now here we can really learn to deal better, to train ourselves to a little more patient, exercise, yoga to name a few.
Then came the food and drinks, all the things in our bodies!

Let's use some logic to use:

The way we eat and what we eat has changed drastically over the last several thousand years into the future. But the system does not change people, body, and digestion. We all know about the evolution and adaptation (Darwin) and thousands of generations needed to "solve" all the changes work well for insects and other animals with a short lifespan, but the body and digestive system does not have enough time to take to our modern way of eating. We sat down with the body and digestive system of thousands of years behind the modern habit of what we eat and we would be better if we start treating our system really is!

So let us try to imagine what our ancestors thousands of years to eat and how they eat.

At first all they have is a wild fruit, and something we can consider as a vegetable. If we only eat vegetables and fruits, RAW, we get less sick, and let us not deceive, we really can, and some of us and have fewer health problems. Finally get items are added, then meat. But all the resources we learn to manage the fire, and ... He went from there, enlightened nutritionists today would say "the worst case happens to the food being cooked.

Now let's see how they eat WAY case that:

When the berry season, they are in an area (for example), all people eat fruit every day, week or more at times. Now it is easy to overcome indigestion, stomach due to indigestion we only need a very specific "juice", enzymes, etc. to produce

If they are a different animal was killed, they eat meat, sometimes days, again, very specific digestion "stuff".

But they are not the first hors d'euvres and / or soup, then meat and carbohydrates together, and then something else together into the wilderness, they do not incorporate any type of food we eat in a normal day. And it's part of our problem, mixing or combining foods