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If you would rather be Buried than watch Eat, Pray, Love...


The over-hyped Buried

So, I have recently returned from Egypt and I'm now spending a week or so in London and to my surprise what do I find? That Australian release dates are waaaay ahead of the UK! And here I was thinking it was the other way around. While we're apparently getting the freshest titles relatively quickly, the UK cinemas are playing flicks that were in Aussie cinemeas months ago. Months! I have a friend who works at Paramount in the UK and he informs me that because of the world cup all of the release dates got pushed back, which makes sense, but it still weirds me out a bit when I see posters advertising The Rebound over here. Anyway, one film that did not freak me out was the over-hyped Buried. Sure, it's still better than Julia Roberts (much as I love her) riding a bike over some bridge in Bali and finding herself but... well, let me make up your mind with my online video review HERE.