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Health Tips: What Are The Right Snack For a Healthy Heart

Most of the issues about health raises because of negligence of good diet. Most of all, if not all of us know heart is the most important part. One of the most vital organs. So when we think about how to look after our hearts. Do we know whats good? Whats healthy? What is the right diet for our hearts?

When we think of a healthy diet for the heart. We think of whole grain, Lean protein and vegetables. What about snacks? Do we focus on the right of snacks?

What Are The Right Snacks for a Healthy Heart?

Nuts: Right snack for a healthy heart

Nuts: Right snack for a healthy heartOther people are reading: What you should never eat?


If I say nuts are good for a healthy heart snack? Would you approve? Let me be more specific. Wall nuts. But why are they so good for the heart? Answer is because walnuts contains a lots of omega three. A good fat that may even help slow down build up in the arteries.

Smoothie: Right snack for a healthy heart

Smoothie: Right snack for a healthy heart


What about a smoothie? Filled with about a handful of spinach, one and a half cup of almond milk and one whole mango. What does this smoothie too. That is wholesome for heart health? It is a great antioxidant, with lots of vitamin A, C and E to name a few benefits. The natural foods we eat, that has antioxidants helps decrease the risk of high blood pressure and plaque build up (atherosclerosis)

Drink: Right snack for a healthy heart

Drink: Right snack for a healthy heartSee this: Burn fat Quickly

Relaxing with a drink.

What about a healthy drink to go with your snacks? By healthy I mean green tea (lots of benefits there) or some red wine. In moderation red wine is good for the heart. It may even help protect the artery walls. Also it help to release the good cholesterol (HDL). Green tea does improve the blood flow in the vessels.

Please before drinking red wine consult your doctor or physician about how safe it is especially if you use medication, that also includes use of aspirin.

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