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Health Tips: Removing Scars the Natural Way

Scars can change your own way of looking towards yourself. Someone living with scars. Its all they see when looking in the mirror. They feel it is visible when someone looks at them. What if it wasn't there? Dealing with it at home? With basic home remedies. Would you be interested?

Removing Scars the Natural Way

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How to Remove Scars Natural Way

Lavender Oil

Massage directly onto scars helping fade into skin. Massage to improve absorption.

Vitamin K

Use as a cream on the scars. Results may be seen in as small a time as a few weeks. Use two times every day. d Depending on severity of scars it may take a few months.

Extra 100% Virgin Olive Oil

When you apply olive oil two times every day on scars you may see scars start to fade within a week. It works for stretch marks too.

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Vitamin E

Rub the oil into scars from punctured gel caps.

Organic Raw Honey

Rubbing honey on the scars two times a day scars may start to fade, reason is because of the anti bacterial properties of the honey. Not recommended for oily skin.

So these are few natural ways to remove scars. All of this can be done in the comfort of your home. Giving the place all you need is the time. Depending on how severe the scars are. Results should be visible in as short a time as a few weeks. Longer results for more severe scars. But with perseverance results will be good.

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