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Condensed Taubes

For anyone looking for a quick glimpse at Gary Taubes' provocative arguments on the detrimental health effects of the current carbohydrate-crazed world, take a look at the CNN post of an interview of Taubes at CNN. (Thanks, Fanatic Cook, for pointing this out.)

In his book, Good Calories, Bad Calories, Taubes, a science reporter, manages to deftly and systematically disarticulate the entire argument for the low-fat approach to nutrition that has dominated conventional advice for the last 30+ years.


The book is impressively detailed and well-thought through. If you would like an introduction to the nutrition world according to Taubes, take a look at the CNN video, which permits him to provide a quick, condensed version of his ideas. Even when debating the issue with physicians, Taubes' arguments shine through as a voice of reason, cutting through the flabby and tired arguments that have been proven misguided by the experience of those around us.

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