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The Great American Depression
American bureau

In the American bureau on unemployment the unemployed were built in turn and competed for workplaces. Those who were not capable to pay for a shelter, built improvised "houses" of old boards and boxes. This "palace" (in a photo) has been constructed in New York.

Beacon Light Mission

Some, however, were content with spending the night in public organisations, such as Beacon Light Mission. This organisation of a religious orientation has initially been created for the aid to seamen who, going into coast, could eat, be washed and have a rest in specially equipped hostels of Mission.

unemployed built behind

The unemployed and homeless citizens addressed in the public both private organisations and funds, after all till 1932 there were no state social programs for the help to the become impoverished people. On a photo — turn of the unemployed built behind meal, delivered to one of not numerous public funds, in New York City, 1932.

sale of apples

People searched for various ways though a little to lift the well-being. The person in a photo was engaged in sale of apples directly in streets of New York.

From crisis suffered not only the industry, but also agriculture. Overproduction crisis there has become aggravated. The majority of farmers has appeared on the verge of ruin because of reduction of prices on agricultural products in 3 times. In a photo the farmer ploughs the earth by means of a cultivator on horsepower. As the majority of Afro-Americans were engaged in agriculture, they first of all have felt on themselves consequences of Great Depression.

new course

To break a crisis situation, president Roosevelt has started to carry out neo-Conservative to the policy under the name "New course" which was characterised by the big intervention of the state in economy: it both price control, and initiation of association of manufacturers in the large enterprises, and the social program — an establishment of the minimum wages, the maximum working week, introduction of pensions to workers. The reached 65 years and another. It for some time has weakened the crisis phenomena in economy: industrial output in 1937 left on level of 1929 However the crisis phenomena the American economy continued to test up to the Second World War beginning.

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