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Your Drink isn't Harmless
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The authorities of Australia have ordered companies Coca-Cola to correct advertising in which the company has declared, that production is not hazardous to health of the person.

Advertising which the Australian Commission on a competition and protection of consumers named unacceptable, has been published in the Australian press in October, 2008. In message Coca-Cola young women were which target audience, the company asserted, that the drink does not render influence on consumer weight, and also is harmless to a teeth.

The commission on a competition has considered, that similar advertising Coca-Cola misleads consumers. As a result of Coca-Cola has agreed to publish a refutation in newspapers, and also the table on the site in which data about a caffeine mass fraction in a drink after comparison with tea and usual coffee would be cited.

Divisions of American company Coca-Cola work more than in 200 countries of the world. The number of basic products Coca-Cola includes the drink with the same name, and also Sprite, Fanta, Powerade and Minute Maid.

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