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Xenical — Lethal Obsession

Thin pig

Thin Pig

Agency Pragma DDB (Chile) advertise a preparation for growing thin by means of "fat-free" cows and pigs. The preparation for weight reduction XENICAL has replaced a communication platform with frightening on the encouraging. If earlier advertising maintained an image of death and was accompanied by a slogan «Lethal obsession» last prints urged to encourage target audience in hard business of a weight loss.

The pig and cow inform modelling appearance to the consumer an essence of action of preparation Xenical: thanks to the basic component of a preparation, the human body does not acquire the fats arriving with fat food. Brawny animals urged to illustrate a slogan: "Reduce fat from your meals".

Thin Cow

Thin cow

Earlier advertising of a preparation was also more medical: adiposity represented not as a cosmetic lack, and as illness which can lead to a lethal outcome. Coffins from a butter and a skull from fat cheese are capable to influence deeply fear of the person before death, but lean cows cause the necessary associations with health and symmetry.

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