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Police In Philadelphia

Search in shop

Against employees of division on struggle against a drug trafficking of police of Philadelphia two claims in which them accuse of illegal searches, a robbery and destruction of proofs are submitted.

Charges became result of a series of publications in the newspaper which has begun in February, 2009. In the first materials the assumption that policeman Jeffrey Cujdik some times requested warrants on a search contained, being based on obviously false information. Then the newspaper knew that Cujdik, his brother and other employees of division spent illegal searches in shops belonging to immigrants and that those could not complain, cut out video observation cameras.

As approves the initiator of one of claims, policemen maliciously and deliberately destroyed its property, took the drinks exposed on sale and products, and also stole the goods and money. The damage from actions of public agents has constituted about $10,000.

While it only one this sort of claim (the second concerns an illegal search not in shop, and in the private house). However the newspaper has indications of other owners of shops which also have suffered from actions of policemen.

After the publication of articles policemen have been translated for paper work. To investigation of the charges which have been informally put forward by dealers, FBI was connected.

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