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Original Antinarcotic Campaign

The Congenital Lack

Australian organisation Drug Aware has started rather unexpected antinarcotic campaign, having told history about the girl with the camel hump. This campaign not so much the presented updating of the person, and the message addressed to the Australian youth which now has fun on summer parties where, naturally, abuses alcohol and «the preparations expanding consciousness» is unexpected.

The three-minute online film is a history of the girl which was born with rather impressive hairy camel hump on a back. And she should live somehow with it — to try to conduct a usual normal life of the teenager, to fasten relations, to buy clothes, to go on a beach. Director Corrie Jones it is masterful has shown as it is necessary the girl with a congenital lack — the girl inconveniently, but the girl has reconciled.

As pluses in a hump undoubtedly are. Before each party she can drink a water large quantity, that essentially reduces harm from alcohol and drugs. Agency The Brand Agency has found the message which obviously will not cause tearing away in youth which above all hates lectures of "wise" adults: «Drink? Lines with you. But, besides alcohol, drink as much as possible water».

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