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Hotshot by Lamprecht AG

In Switzerland the condoms developed specially for teenagers of 12-14 years have gone on sale. The idea of new specialised means of contraception has been approved after carrying out of the research which have shown, that sexually active Swiss schoolboys seldom use condoms because of their improper size.

Condoms under name Hotshot have been developed by company Lamprecht AG in cooperation with the Swiss federation on struggle against AIDS. Their basic difference is smaller in comparison with standard condoms diameter — only 45 mm (diameter of usual condoms makes from 49 to 56 mm). According to developers, this feature will allow to exclude former inconvenience.

Research has shown, that number of teenagers conducting a sexual life is elderly till 14 years has essentially increased in comparison with 90 years of the last century. Thus interrogation of participants has revealed low level of knowledge of modern Swiss schoolboys about means of contraception and AIDS preventive maintenance.

Hotshot for schools

Condoms Hotshot will extend at the Swiss schools together with educational materials about AIDS. They also can be bought: the pack with six condoms is on sale for 7,6 Swiss francs (about $7US).

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