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The Size of a Condom

The American scientists have urged men to concern more responsibly a choice of the size of a condom, informs BBC. The report on research is published in magazine Sexually Transmitted Infections.

According to authors of research, the choice of an improper condom on the size forces men to refuse their use that increases risk of infection with sexual infections, and also risk of approach of undesirable pregnancy.

During the work scientists have interrogated 436 men is more senior 18 years which used condoms during sex not earlier than before three months before research. 44,7% interrogated (195 persons) have informed, that used condoms of not suitable size.

Among participants of research, 120 men have declared, that have received less pleasures from sex. 57 persons have noticed, that their partners also were less happy with sexual intercourse.

The African Size

The employee of the organisation "International HIV/AIDS Alliance" Gill Gordon has declared, that unlike Europe and the USA at inhabitants of Africa not always are possibility to pick up the necessary size of a condom. According to Gordon, it explains unwillingness of many Africans to use the specified means of contraception.

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