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Ginger, derived from a root plant, is a common and particularly popular herb. In western culture it tends to be used in making sweets or biscuits, the ginger nut being a perennial favorite through the generations.

But in Eastern cooking it finds its place traditionally as an ingredient in more savory culinary delights and is an important herbal supplement.

Where it fits best nobody knows for sure, but undoubtedly its tangy taste suits either. Though to really get the best out of the root it is said it is best fried as when it hits the oil and they absorb into one another not only does the taste spread but also the properties found within that promote good health. Because what is also beyond doubt is the natural goodness it provides when eaten and no matter how you ingest it you should do so regularly.

It is also readily and cheaply available and has been for centuries from your local corner shop, through greengrocers to the big supermarkets. If you're not getting your ginger you certainly can't use lack of availability as your excuse!!

The ginger root contains anti-bacterial products that when ingested into the body becomes a potent weapon in fighting the spread of diseases and virus and can be taken with garlic to provide extra power when you are struck down with afflictions such as colds and flu.

According to ancient Chinese medicine doctrines and practices the best way of taking ginger to cure such fevers is to brew it into a nourishing tea, which when mixed with honey and lemon becomes not only a nourishing beverage but also a highly tasty one too. This has the effect of causing sweating which in turn purges the body of its viral complaints and discharges mucus. It also keeps the immune system in tip-top shape and is highly recommended.

This method is also encouraged to be drunk by women when they are experiencing period pains and is also being trialed as a possible remedy for morning sickness.

Why ginger is so highly effective in dislodging such complaints from the body is quite simple. Its properties give off a warming effect that stimulates the immune system and in doing so gets it working to its full maximum once more.

The above methods all concentrate on ginger being a foodstuff, but it is more versatile than that as it can also be turned into an essential oil which can be massaged into a troubled region of the body.

Its warm stimulus is particularly useful in treating muscle cramps, which occur when the muscle is cold and overworked.

Another complaint bought on by the cold are chilblains and yes you've guessed it a soothing rub of ginger will cure them as well!!

By rubbing it into your spinal column near the kidneys you can ensure that your digestive system is also getting gingers full benefits.

And finally its wonderful warm healing talents are the perfect tonic to chase away depression and the blues in general. You can ingest or massage the ginger produce for this.

You probably already knew that ginger tasted good, but maybe not how good this amazing body tonic and stimulant really does.

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