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What is sciatica?

Sciatica therapy

This most widespread disease of peripheral nervous system is caused by defeat of backs of the nerves going from a spinal cord in the field of lumbar department of a backbone. A radiculitis principal cause is the osteochondrosis — irreversible changes in intervertebral cartilages which "settle down" between vertebras.

Diagnostics & Treatment of Sciatica

SciaticaThe clinical diagnosis is characterised by pains in a waist, and on a back surface of a foot and in the field of a sciatic nerve (sciatica). The pain appears usually at awkward movement, weight lifting, a trauma and proceeds from several minutes about several days, quite often there are repeated attacks. Movements in lumbar department of a backbone are sharply limited.

For preventive maintenance and treatment of sciatica patients is used: medical products of sedative action, vitamins of B group, the calcium, special ointments and massage gels. Also it's recommended to use: physiotherapy, manipulation, medical gymnastics, massage, orthopedic therapy. For a more sciatica information insistently it's recommended to consult with your attending physician.

Symptoms of Sciatic Nerve Damage

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