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The penis enlargement is a procedure in which many representatives of a strong half of mankind are interested. The penis is the important indicator directly influencing quality of a private life and one of determinatives of man's self-realisation. In a modern society there are many effective enlargement methods of penis.

Hormonal Method (medicamentous method)

Hormonal methodHormonal therapy is appointed only at infringement of development of a penis (effect of "micro-penis") and only in puberty.

Treatment is carried out strictly under the control of the attending physician. Individually should be taken into consideration: age, hormonal level, sexual activity, structure of tablets and many other things man's hormonal factors. After the puberty termination — hormonal therapy is impossible, since it can negatively affect hormonal system and an organism as a whole.

Vacuum Method

Vacuum pompAppointment of a vacuum pomp — the help in erection. It makes vasodilating, causing the erect effect, thus the penis really should increase. The effect of increase is provided at the expense of powerful inflow of blood to a penis. This effect disappears in 1-2 hours, i.e. the received penis enlargement is only a temporary phenomenon.

Use of a vacuum method can have by-effects: the blood congestion can lead to rupture of capillaries. Therefore use of a vacuum pomp cannot be frequent.

The Thai Method

Thai methodThe method developed by Thai scientists, is based on use of a medical tablets on the basis of an extract of the Red Kwao Krua (grown up only in territory of Thailand).

The formula which promotes penis enlargement, does not allow to grow up in usual conditions, for creation use the closed plantations with observance of necessary conditions and under the hard scientific control.

Depending on specific features, the Thai method allows to really increase a penis (with preservation of the reached results). The effect is reached by powerful strengthening of blood supply of all blood vessels, thereby extending a penis. Age of use of this method: from 18 till 55 years. It's not recommended to use at skin diseases and inflammatory processes of urinogenital system.

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