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Home Remedies For Chapped Lips
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Dried and chapped lips usually happen during winter time, when the lips become severely de-moisturized and the skin starts peeling off. This can also become infectious, if proper care is not taken. At the onset of winter, try to moist your lips with petroleum jelly or what is commonly known as Vaseline. For very severe cases, you can exfoliate the lips by a mixture of baking soda and water, and then rub the lips with a washcloth. This will remove all the dead skin and your lips will be fine once again within just a few days.

Prevention of chapped lips

Instead of treating chapped lips, try to prevent it happening in the first place. There are many preventive measures which you can adopt. Whenever you go outdoors either during the hot summer or the cold winter wind always protects your lips with a lip balm. This will protect it from being sun burnt and dry. Pick a lip balm that is of good quality, providing moisture and protection, as usually cheap lip balms often peel the skin of the lips. So here too choose a good brand.

Use moisturizer

When applying lipstick, moist your lips with a moisturizer, most lipsticks nowadays come with moisturizing components, especially the liquid ones. However, if you use dry lipsticks, do apply a coat of Vaseline. It will give a shine, plus will keep it soft.

Change habits

If your lips remain dry constantly no matter the weather, it means that you smoke a lot. Smoking causes the lips to become dry and they become difficult to maintain. So like the usual slogan “Quit smoking!” Try drinking water; eat fruits, as these help the body to remain nourished instead of being dehydrated.

Consult a doctor

Other than these basic issues, there could also be dried lips due to too much exposure to air conditioned environment and dry air. Another point to consider is the use of tartar toothpaste. See all these factors, identify which one is the cause of your problem and treat your lips accordingly. Lastly, if the situation gets worse than do consult a doctor. A beautiful, moist lip is the main attraction of a person. Keep it soft, keep it healthy

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