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Psychological Symptoms of Panic Frustrations

Panic attack

The human panic is a vague anxiety for the future, expectation of any uncertain future troubles (unlike the fear having accurately certain object). Expressiveness of attack can be various: from easy excitement to painful attacks of a panic. During panic attack the person as though expects a meeting with danger, keeps the watchfulness, has a intense feel. The feeling of panic includes a physiological activation of protected force in an organism. It's possible to tell that the panic attack consists of two components — sincere and corporal.


The sincere component of panic is shown by excitement, any fears (they are often unstable and quickly replace each other), instability of mood, at strong alarm — feeling of detachment from near people and sensation of variability of own body.

The corporal component is expressed in palpitation increase, feeling of shortage of air (subjective as the present asthma at alarm is not present), a fever or long pressure of muscles. During panic attack the sleep (a dream is superficial, sensitive) and absence of appetite is quite often interrupted.

Panic attack are characterised by hypererethism of nervous system and presence of a strong feeling of alarm. A principal cause of development of panic frustration are the stress, chronic overfatigue, craniocereberal traumas.

Panic Attacks Consequences

DepressionThe expressed and long panic attack causes subsequently feeling of weariness, it's no wonder as the person spends for maintenance of own health a lot of sincere and physical powers. There is a set of medical versions of panic attack medication, but in each case there are unique reasons, unique clinical features, the own treatment and the own forecast.

The panic attack is often combined with depression. Usually it precedes depression, but can be and on the contrary. Panic just as infringements of a dream and irritability, can be the first symptom of various diseases (illnesses of nervous, cardiovascular system, gynecologic diseases, etc.).

Medical examinationDisease diagnosticsThus depression is an emotional signal of internal dissonance (that is why in some cases it's necessary to make the cardiogramme, ultrasonic research of a thyroid gland and to consult at experts of a corresponding profile).

The panic attack reasons is not always obvious. But they always exist.
Thus, the leading treatment role of panic attack should belong to the psychotherapist (or to your personal clinical psychologist).

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