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Symptoms of the Eye Floaters

Beautiful eyes

Healthy and Beautiful Eyes

It's very important to check periodically a condition of each eye separately. Many eye illnesses can be diagnosed at an early stage.

Check Up Your Eyes:

  1. Close one eye and look at any object on a horizon.
  2. Estimate quality of the central and peripheral sight, pay attention to the changes which have occurred since the previous check.
  3. Check up presence of hindrances on periphery of a field of vision.
  4. Pay attention to front spots and lightnings.
  5. If bad symptoms have a presence, ophthalmologists recommend to check the duration and expressiveness.
  6. Close other eye and repeat the same.
  7. Inform occurrence of new symptoms to the ophthalmologist.

If will sharp occurrence of a considerable quantity of new symptoms of deterioration of the eyes (for example: latin Opacitas Corporis Vitrei or english Eye Floaters) — immediately to visit of the ophthalmologist!

About Eye Floaters

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