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The True Baby Bottles & Mattresses
The healthy baby bottle

The Healthy Baby Bottles

Earlier thought that a glass baby bottles is an ideal for a baby because the glass bottles for sterilization much better. But, at present time there are qualitative baby bottles which are made from a polymer and these bottles is absolutely comparable to quality of the glass baby bottles. As a rule, they possess all characteristics from the glass baby bottles.

The plastic baby bottles are not afraid of such things as the high temperature, a sterilizer, a heater, can be used in microwaves. It's possible to carry that fact to their advantages that the plastic baby bottles weigh much less, than their glass analogues and them cannot be broken.

The baby bottle

Today, there is a set of samples of the small plastic bottles. Their specification is various enough: there are baby bottles which have the indicator of temperature changes, there are small bottles which, in case of need, can be transformed into a cup, there are bottles steady against use of such object, as a heater or a boiler. Anyhow, always there is a chance to look at the baby bottle reviews, therefore to be engaged in a choice of the baby bottle is a serious business.

The true baby mattress

The True Baby Mattress

So, you have bought to the kid the true baby bottles, the baby toys, and the baby cot in which he will sleep. Time has come to reflect on selection of a correct mattress. In the modern conditions of abundance of the baby goods on a commodity market for newborn children, a choice of a crib mattress — a problem demanding careful viewing of all variants. You would like, that your kid slept easily? Then you need to know about several rules which should be remembered, choosing a mattress for the baby.

The mattress for a baby

The Rules of a Choice of the Baby Mattress

  1. The first rule — the crib mattresses should not contain any synthetics or polymeric materials (or at least, to contain it at a minimum level).
    Because, all kids often have allergies to the synthetic substances. It concerns all baby goods, including complete sets in a bed. Therefore it's necessary to choose only mattresses from a natural material. It can be latex or a coconut crust. The mattress cover should have a minimum of seams and is sewed from natural Eco-pure materials.
  2. The second rule — the mattresses should correspond to dimensions of the baby bed.
    Discrepancy of a mattress to the baby bed will cause discomfort and also constant displacement. Before purchase, I recommend to use the crib mattress reviews, thus you save your money and will choose the mattress according to the bed of your baby.
  3. The third rule — the mattress should be elastic.
    There is an opinion that the baby mattresses are obliged to be soft. However, it is necessary to remember that the organism of the child is not formed, thus the elastic baby mattresses will advantage in formation of a true backbone of the kid.

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