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The Side Effects: Drugs
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Probably, there is no such family where the set of medicines is not stored in a special box for all occasions of the life. Thus people buy the majority of such medicines, without recommendations of the doctor. So...

The Rules of Medicinal Safety

  1. The first recommendation — no self-treatment! If something bad — go to the doctor. Even if you used the drug before. First, symptoms of many illnesses are similar. Secondly, in your organism much could change. Thirdly, your organism could get used to those tablets, and today they any more will not help.
  2. If the drug doesn't help, don't increase the minimal dose! There is such concept: «resistance» — that is immunity of an organism to this or that substance or influence. It doesn't depend on quality of the drug — even the most effective medicine can't work perfectly. The occurrence of undesirable pharmacological action of medical products can be caused also through an absolute or relative increase of concentration of medical products in blood plasma, and also the congenital sensitivity to the drug.
  3. Don't trust the adv! With its help untwist not too effective or fully non effective drugs. But cheap effective medicines as a rule are not advertised, and a doctors know about that...
  4. Don't use a new drugs! Any pharmacist is not capable to calculate all by-effects. Certainly, all novelties are checked on volunteers, but it's not enough of it. There is a concept «the remote results» — the by-effects coming not at once, as a rule — after 5, 10, 15 years... No pharmaceutical company will wait so long. So those who accepts this medicine, involuntarily become the experimental mouse.
  5. Read a specialized web portals about the side effects around the drugs. As a rule, similar web portals give the basic information and a structured world tendencies, i.e. the maximum dispassionateness from the manufacturer. I use side effects hub, really clear and healthy content.
  6. Sometimes, to get rid of an illness — it's enough to change a way of life. A correct massage and the physiotherapy exercises — the best help at back pains. From a sleeplessness — the good mood and an aromatherapy will ideally help. And so on.
According to the World Health Organization definition, the drug side effects is a reactions to the medical products arising at use, diagnostics and preventive maintenance. A frequency of occurrence of collateral reactions depends first of all on specific features, such as: the gender type, the age of a patient, a weight, a dose, a ways of introduction.

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