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Blog of the year?!

"25 year old female, pretty bloody chuffed"

I have only been blogging for about 5 months or so but I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! I have never written before so it is all very new to me even now. One of the things that has amazed me so much is the positive reaction I have had from people who have read it. I never thought for a moment I would a) stick with it or b) people would like it but I appears I was wrong on both counts. Today I received a direct message via Twitter from someone saying they had nominated me for the Fire & EMS blog of the year competition. That really did mean a lot especially as even I didn't know that the competition existed! Well I do now and the fact 1 has voted for me why not more eh?! If you like what you read then any nominations would be absolutely fantastic!

To do so just click on the link below:

Fire & EMS Blog of the Year 2012

and fill the form in with the following details:

Title: Diagnosis: LOB

ambulance, EMS, EMT, NHS, and more:

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