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Peace Day is 21st of September; aiming to become an annual day of non-violence and global truce. The tipping point of awareness that will allow this day to become institutionalised in the calendar is roughly 20% of the world’s population. To promote and raise awareness around Peace Day, we’ve initiated an experiment called ‘A Lap Around The World.’

The aim is to see if we can make a tweet, promoting Peace Day, travel one whole lap around the world. Each tweet with the hashtag #PeaceDay21Sep will be pinned on the map and, if successful, eventually complete a line of tweets across the entire globe by 21st of September.

Creative Directors: Henrik Düfke, Felipe Montt;
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Art Director: Felipe Montt;
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Developer: Riccardo Bartoli.
Using this natural green coffee bean extract, known and used for centuries, is nothing more, but a return to the old methods of our ancestors. Natural medicine blessed green coffee for improving the digestive tract and bloodstream to work properly. When it was discovered that green coffee helps to lose weight effectively - it quickly became a real television hit. The effects of green coffee bean extract have been clinically studied by a group of scientists from the University of Scranton (Pennsylvania , USA ) who used a control group that was double-blind. People using GREEN COFFEE Plus lost 21 lb on average. Their BMI index fell by 10,3 %, and the percentage of body fat decreased by 15.8 %. And that's just within the first 6 weeks of treatment!

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