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Not Soft Chair


Last year over 280,000 New Zealanders were injured, and 620 people died, as a result of avoidable falls around the home. The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) pays out millions of taxpayer dollars every year to help rehabilitate these people.

Unbelievably, most of these falls are caused by 5 everyday items: rugs, power cords, moss, chairs and puddles. We needed to reframe the way people saw these everyday items, and see them for what they really were a serial killers, sitting right there under your nose.

As part of an integrated campaign we bought each of these 5 hazards to life and let the killers do the talking themselves. In order to be credible we to created headlines out of the actual objects themselves. We broke chairs, used real moss, dripped water, cut up rugs and arranged a heap of extension cords so the 5 dangerous items could proclaim their innocence to us all. We even sent out a hand-crafted killer rug as a DM piece. Never would these five things seem so innocent again.

Category: Public services & utilities;
Client: Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC);
Agency: DRAFT FCB;
Country: New Zealand;
Executive Creative Director: tony clewett;
Copywriter: Scott Kelly;
Art Director: LEISA WALL;
Account Director: Paul Irwin;
Photographer: Stephen Langdon;
Designer: Nick Smith;
Designer: Nick McFarlane;
Designer: Matt Oak;
Account manager: Sarah Meikle.
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