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Zero Scalp: hair-growth shampoo
Zero Scalp Shampoo

Zero Scalp from Japan

The large variety of hair-growth shampoos available in Japan is indicative of the large population of people concerned about thinning hair. Japanese law, however, prohibits any advertising in this category that directly refers to product efficacy. We needed to find another delivery method to convey the efficacy of “Zero Scalp” hair-growth shampoo to its young target in an impactful and powerful way.

In stationery stores frequented by the target (salaried workers in their 30’s) we placed scribble pads that had an ad for the shampoo printed alongside cartoon heads of bald men across the paper. The stationery store customers were encouraged to test their pens on the pads by drawing hair on the bald heads… thereby simulating the efficacy of Zero Scalp themselves.

The unique ad captured the attention and interest of many people, due to the clever way it tapped into people’s natural desire to doodle. The Nude Noodle Doodle went viral on social media channels and reached a great number of the target audience… all with no media cost!

Brand: Zero Scalp;
Geo: Asia, Japan;
Advertising Agency: BBDO J WEST, Fukuoka, Japan;
Creative Director/Copywriter/Planner: Kairi Manabe;
Designer: Daisuke Yamashita.
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