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Food Delivery from Japan
Food from Japan

A Japanese Food

After weighing a luggage in the airport, there are tickets stuck on it, which indicate departure-arrival points and special marks about the contents of a luggage. We decided to use such stylistics and to put it on the plastic boxes, which are used for transferring sushi to client. We have developed original sticker made in the form of luggage ticket. We attached these tickets to the packages made earlier, used by delivery service «PROSUSHI».

Thus was made an impression as if the sushi were delivered directly from Japan. There are the cooking time of this order, delivery address and the information that sushi were made with the freshest products on those tickets. The functional advantage of this tape consists in the fact that is puts together two parts of a standard plastic package, which allows delivering the product in its initial form.

Advertising Agency: TDI Group, Minsk, Belarus;
Creative Director: Vitaliy Semenenko;
Art Director: Alexandr Mitskikh;
Designer: Vladimir Fedorov.
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