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"30 year old male, vomiting, abdo pain, NHS111"

Another shift, another young person referred by NHS111 and my guess, was another young person who has said the right words to ensure NHS111 send an ambulance. I'm convinced it's a generation thing! In general, you have less ambulances for the 45-65 than for the 25-45. Equally, that 25-45 group, generally have less wrong with them and 99% of the time would have been perfectly able to make their own way to hospital without the need for an ambulance. It also seems a generation that is a lot less equipped with dealing with illness and injury. The elderly don't call ambulances even when they are dying because they don't want to waste our time, whereas the younger ones call us if they cough once, sneeze once, have a headache for 5 minutes, vomit once, or have the shits! It's a generation of pathetic whiners who need to get a grip! AND STOP LYING! They ALL bloody lie! Today, was a case in point.....

30 year old males vomiting are not about to die. OK, one, once, probably vomited and then died but as a rule of thumb, they don't die. His partner was waiting at the door for us in her onsie. Some people don't lend themselves to onsies and this was a prime example but I wisely didn't comment. Or point and laugh. We were led upstairs to our waiting patient.

We were greeted with a sorry, pained expression of pure suffering and angst. Unfortunately, the 1 hour history of vomiting did not warrant the sympathy he was after. I kept my questions and responses to his whimpering at a professional level without indulging in his drama. It really does infuriate me when people won't talk, use their words and attempt full sentences because they feel unwell! They are grown ups, but it is like trying to communicate with a 3 year old who is mid-tantrum!

The patient was a big guy, a very big guy, 25 stone plus. The irony of really fat people only being able to fit into sports wear was not lost me but he had no pride in anything about him. The flat was a tip, I could smell fried food, there were pizza boxes everywhere and a half drunk 2 litre bottle of coke next to him. Clearly, his extensive medical history had had no effect in kick starting a lifestyle change! I could have guessed he had diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol before he offered up the information, I was hardly bold over with shock!

My questions regarding his symptoms continued and led to food that could have caused this non-life threatening episode of vomiting.

"What did you have for lunch today?"

"Just a salad."

Yes, I'm judgemental and when I fatter than I am, I started by eating more salads, but I have met a lot of patients and I can spot the ones trying to lose weight and the ones pretending to be trying. This guy was the latter. The who's who of takeaway boxes and fizzy drinks around the place told me everything I needed to know.

"Just a salad?"

"Yeah, well some crisps and that too."

"And that???"

"You know, yogurt, chocolate and stuff."

Before I could ask about the "and stuff" his girlfriend butted in!

"You bloody liar! What else did you have for lunch?"

"Nothing!" he exclaimed.

"OK, what did you have just before lunch?"

"What do you mean?"

"What do I mean? I mean what about those burgers and chips you were shovelling into your face sat in you car round the corner! I bloody saw you! And I bet there were apple pies too, I know you, don't forget that."

"Oh yeah, sorry."

I stepped in before it turned into a slanging match, or before he died of embarrassment!

"So, lunch was a few burgers and chips, some apple pies, some crisps, chocolate, yogurt, and a salad?"

"Yeah, I suppose."

Some people are so unlucky to get diabetes! I could have had a health promotion field day with this guy but it was pointless. In 5-10 years he will be having limb amputations, be going blind, having heart attacks and strokes. Maybe then he will buck his ideas up. The one thing I advised him today, was not to lie! There is no need for it. We always know when someone is lying, save yourself the time and embarrassment by just answering all our questions truthfully! And eat less, a lot less! Oh, and don't call an ambulance because you're vomiting. And tidy your flat. And have a shave and a wash! Gahhh, I just wanted to kick him up the backside!

It's so frustrating to watch someone so young just self destruct! I just don't know how these people can get help or even begin to help themselves. It's a sorry state of affairs when dietary advise is harder to come by than junk food! What has to happen for them to realise that this lifestyle is slowly killing them?! I would suggest it's too late for this generation. On the whole it is too fat, too lazy, expects everything for nothing and has a poor work ethic. The money is better invested in the next lot to come through, hopefully then, we will see the benefits in 20 years or so. Until then, I'll just grumble away!

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