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Eating fruits and vegetables may help manage weight

Numerous foods are low in energy density. Among these foods, fruits and vegetables are excellent substitutes for high-energy-density foods.

Losing weight can be very difficult, even for the highly motivated. In addition, maintaining an appropriate weight is difficult, particularly as a person ages. Health care professionals need to provide sound, scientific information when they advise people to eat foods that help them stay healthy, which includes maintaining a suitable weight. The research community is evaluating the effectiveness of a number of weight loss strategies; however, this brief examines only one strategy: the role that fruit and vegetable consumption may play in weight management.

healthy food Providing you are eating about one-third of the diet as fruits & vegetables, you should notice rapid weight loss because the ample fruit consumption helps fill the stomach faster encouraging less high calorie foods to be consumed. The total calorie consumption will automatically reduce even if we are eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. There is such a variety of fruits available that many can be freely eaten without consuming too many calories thereby controlling weight more effectively.

Very few studies in the literature have investigated whether there is a direct relationship between eating fruits and vegetables and losing weight. The studies in this brief examined many issues such as the relationships of calories, volume of food eaten, types of food eaten (including fruits and vegetables), satiety, and weight reduction. Many of the studies reported on consumption of fruits and vegetables but did so in the context of a larger framework, such as preventing or treating high blood pressure or cardiac disease, but reported on weight loss also.

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