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Hollywood Top 10

  1. Mark Wahlberg
    Mark Wahlberg
    Wahlberg and his Funky Bunch first came to the attention of females everywhere in the crotch-grabbing Calvin Klein ads of the nineties. Although he's gone on to become an acclaimed actor and producer, his shirtless turn as a boxer in The Fighter proves that even as a 39-year-old Marky Mark still brings those Good Vibrations.
  2. Ryan Gosling
    Ryan Gosling
    "If you're a bird, I'm a bird.'' Gosling might have won us over with his turn as a hopeless romantic in The Notebook, but it's his charisma commitment to his craft that has seen audiences fall in love him over and over again in films such as Half Nelson, Lars and The Real Girl and Blue Valentine. Plus, he makes beautiful, beautiful music with his haunting indie outfit Dead Man's Bones.
  3. Eli Roth
    Eli Roth
    Best known for his role behind the camera directing horror flicks such as Cabin Fever and the Hostel series, Roth had his time in the spotlight as The Bear Jew in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. He dispelled the notion that film directors are bearded, smelly and at least 50 pounds overweight. Some, as it turns out, are very sexy and very Jewish.
  4. Joseph Gordon Levitt
    Joseph Gordon Levitt
    The thinking woman's hunk. Gordon Levitt has made a career in the indie film circuit playing intelligent and quirky characters. But it was his dapper turn in Christopher Nolan's Inception that reminded ladies he looks damn fine in a suit. His mainstream crossover will continue when he stars in Nolan's last Batman film The Dark Knight Rises.
  5. Adrien Brody
    Adrien Brody
    Better known for his acting chops, Brody proved he could compete with the best action heroes in his macho and very shirtless turn in Predators. Seriously, did you see those abs?
  6. Marc-Andre Grondin
    Marc-Andre Grondin
    The sexiest French man that ever lived. Except, well, he’s actually Canadian. Marc first came to the attention of international cinema lovers with his powerful turn in under seen French gem C.R.A.Z.Y. From there he’s made a career of starring in art house French flicks, with the exception of Che: Part 2, and he will make his mainstream debut in Goon alongside Jay Baruchel, Liev Schreiber and Allison Pill.
  7. Idris Elba
    Idris Elba
    Salt N Pepa once described their perfect man as having "A body like Arnold with a Denzel face''. Meet Idris Elba, who more than fulfils that criteria with his huge physique, smooth intellect, street cred and roles in everything from The Wire (hello Stringer) to RocknRolla. Oh, and he’ll be swinging his hammer in Thor later this year so keep an eye out.
  8. Colin Firth
    Colin Firth
    He may have won over the critics with his Oscar-winning turn in The King's Speech, but for the ladies out there he won over our hearts as Mr Darcy in the BBC's production of Pride and Prejudice.
  9. Taylor Kitsch
    Taylor Kitsch
    As the breakout star of football drama Friday Night Lights, Taylor Kitsch is one of the few Hollywood actors who's prettier than his female co-stars. With his model good looks and Prince Charming hair, Kitsch achieved a rare feat in X-Men Origins: Wolverine; he drew attention away from a ripped Hugh Jackman. Plus he's really pretty. Did we mention that?
  10. Tom Hardy
    Tom Hardy
    Every gal loves a bad boy and Tom Hardy encompasses the guy your parents would frown upon. The cheeky Brit's Hollywood popularity stems from his man's man appeal in films such as Bronson and Inception.
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