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Home Remedies for Liver Disorders

Liver ailments include gallstones, jaundice, hepatitis and biliousness.

Gaze deeply into any romantic Frenchman’s eyes and ask him from whence spring his tend rest emotions and you will be disappointed when, breathing garlic and red wine lustily upon you, he admits to it being his liver rather than his heart. This is not surprising for without the proper functioning of this vital organ no self-respecting Frenchman can enjoy his food – that other basic fundamental of his life – and it is usually as a result of an excess in this area that the poor old liver does falter. Tradition has it that coffee, red wine, brandy and rich foods all contribute to a sluggish liver and the resulting queasiness and jaundiced outlook on life when we do not seem to be feeling at out best. That is the liverishness for which Mr. carter used to make his little liver pills.

Sensible suggestions for improving this state of affairs are numerous: cut out coffee and tea, eat more fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of soda water or sparkling mineral water (hence the popularity of Perrier in France), eat more garlic, take more exercise. The very nicest of them all is to enjoy a good laugh every morning when you rise from bed.

A Cleansing Approach

Fast for two days taking only many glasses of sparkling mineral water with the juice of ½ lemon squeezed into each. Pick a weekend or a time when you will be fairly inactive.

Try a diet of grapes only for one day or more if necessary. They do cleanse the system wonderfully well.

Take garlic capsules daily.

When feeling really out of sorts drink only water and apple juice every two hours.

Green cocktail, sunset slinger Take either of these by the wineglass daily. Alternatively mix together equal quantities of carrot, beetroot and celery juice.

An excellent salad Prepare yourself a large plateful of beetroot, radish, dandelion leaves, chicory, fennel and artichoke.

Apple cider vinegar or pure lemon juice Add 1 teaspoon to a small wineglass of warm water with a very little honey and take every three hours as needed. Good home remedy for liver care

Dandelion and hops A tea made with equal parts of each is very therapeutic and drinkable. So are fennel, tansy, agrimonies and chamomile teas.

Lettuce Brew up several good green lettuce leaves and drink daily.

Angelica Chew angelica as a digestive – but not last thing at night or it could stop you sleeping.

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