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Tips to have a Healthy Twins Pregnancy

Being pregnant with twin babies can be extremely exciting for a couple. It becomes all the more elating if the couple has conceived through an infertility treatment instead of getting pregnant normally as at a stage where they could not even have a single baby, they are having twins!

However, a multiple pregnancy is amongst the riskiest forms of pregnancies. There are much higher chances of loss of pregnancy or miscarriage apart from the array of adverse effects it could have on the health of the mother.

But the good news is that there are ways by which one can ensure that they themselves and their pregnancy is healthy, as asserted by IVF doctors from the best test tube baby hospitals in Delhi.

Following the below mentioned tips can help women pregnant with twins maintain a healthy and safe pregnancy tremendously-

1. Check what and how much you eat:

Mothers-to-be are bombarded with suggestions regarding their diet. Some recommend eating twice the amount of food they ate before getting pregnant, while some say that they must eat less spicy or "hot" food and more. When it comes to singleton babies, eating for two is unnecessary. According to IVF specialists in Delhi, a pregnancy with a single baby requires not more than 300 kcal (kilo calories) extra in the mother's diet. Nevertheless, when a woman is pregnant with twins or more, then the food consumption must increase to at least 3,500 kcal in totality. In such a case, the mother must eat enough to promote the normal growth of her child. Hence, maintaining a steady weight while eating according to the baby's demands helps in the maintenance of one's pregnancy greatly. 2. Do not panic:

The women pregnant with twins are scared to death with horror stories, high risk factors and much more regarding twin pregnancy that they get to know about from several sources. These poor women spend their days panicking and being immensely anxious rather than relaxing and being positive. Yes, there are greater risks with a twin pregnancy. But there are also equal chances of delivering healthy and beautiful babies. A plethora of women have successfully done that over the numerous years of humanity. Pregnant women must stay affirmative and gather knowledge about twin pregnancy from reliable and trustworthy sources that would imbue in them practical and realistic knowledge rather than exaggerated nightmarish risk factors. They must remain in contact with an efficient practitioner as well as an obstetrician who can guide them through pregnancy related complications and troubles.

3. Rest is very important:

There is no doubt that pregnancy puts a lot of strain on the body from all perspectives. This strain in multiplied in a multiple pregnancy. This also means that the requirement of rest and relaxation increases even more. Hence, women pregnant with twins must make it a point to take time out of their busy schedules to take rest for at least 30 minutes. One can lie down on the bed and straighten their back, read their favorite book, listen to relaxing music, look at old pictures or indulge in a hobby that makes them happy and helps them unwind.

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