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In recent years many people start an exercise, take yoga classes and follow a strict diet in these countries. The idea behind the many activities, such as stress, those who suffer from diabetes, people take a lot of fat in their diets and because of ongoing pollution and urbanization. Most people live in urban areas suffer from heavy pollution by heavy intake of carbon monoxide in their bodies. As a result of heavy intake, there are many side effects involved in this process.
Most people are addicted to smoking and alcohol, new research from an organization of 100 people more than 60 percent healthy. In most countries the proportion of women increased alcohol abuse. Consequently, many doctors recommend regular exercise and sports people to participate in their spare time. In the last ten years of heart disease increased from 35% to 70%. In recent years, most children born with the disease, ill health from their parents and lifestyles. So in the time required for a number of rules, so that our health and our younger generation to follow will be healthy.
Staying healthy is merely the body clean with healthy habits, like exercising regularly.The first, light jogging 2 miles enough for a person age average. During the school day to all those involved in the university or other sports, but if people forget they have a job to find health and they are engaged in their work. Individuals should consult their doctor every 3-4 months for regular follow-up programs. They do not need to be emphasized - if they find it stressful to take yoga classes every day, until their blood pressure is normal. If not, then they hyper-or hypo-blood pressure, which can cause heart disease. Most large companies in the United States and around the world to dietician, physiotherapy, and even the good doctors work to treat their employees.
The next thing I want to discuss is the diet, because food we eat is responsible for all fats, carbohydrates, proteins and enzymes essential to be useful for energy conversion and use in the human body. We must follow a strict diet by avoiding junk food available in the market. A new study shows that the majority of the sick by eating junk food. Low-fat diet recommended as having more fat accumulated fat in the arteries and veins in the body that cause high blood pressure can cause heart disease. To the fat in the human body, we have a little oil or butter or cheese in their food will be taken to the fat in the body to control. Regular exercise will be useful to control the fat in the human body.
This training is good training in the human body. Swimming is also a good sport. We must maintain our weight, according to the higher authority. We can reduce our health for most of the volume. I close my discussion of the problem to say that regular exercise or yoga and a strict diet and exercise and regular check-ups we can keep our bodies healthy after everything that's old saying that "Health is wealth".

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