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Poem Healthy Food (Poem Health is Wealth)

Medium Aquarium Techniques
The releaser of the most moderate stress is that you get the aquarium in your room.Every time you feel pressured to see the fish swimming in tanks. Get used to see if you have not or are too busy to take time out and watch every day for at least 10 minutes, morning and evening. If your aquarium in your room, I am confident you will automatically see and your mind will relax. This is a good technique for people with high blood pressure, they are calm and relaxed. But if you stress the higher the score, you several solutions.
Healthy Living
A healthy lifestyle is an essential companion to any stress reduction program. Public health and stress defense can be strengthened through regular exercise, a diet rich in a variety of whole fruits, whole grains and vegetables, and avoid excessive use of alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. Workers who follow an active lifestyle have sick days and fewer disabilities than those set. Brisk walking is an excellent aerobic exercise that is free and available for almost everyone. Even a short trot to ease the stress.Swimming is ideal exercise for many people, including pregnant women, people with musculoskeletal problems, and those who suffer from asthma due to sports. Yoga can be very effective, combining many of the benefits of breathing, muscle relaxation, and meditation while toning and stretching muscles.
Sharing feelings
The concept of communication and "let your feelings out" is so over-promoted and diparodikan, it had lost almost the same value of good psychological advice.However, anger or frustration that are not specified in a manner acceptable to cause hostility, feelings of helplessness and depression. Expressing feelings of frustration does not mean ventilation on the server and subordinates, colleagues bore the emotional minutia, or wallow in self pity. In fact, because blood pressure may surge when given chronic hostile individuals are angry, some therapists suggest that only a talk, not just anger ventilation is the best approach, especially for these people. The main purpose is to explain and you have to say to those who believed in the most positive. Direct communication may not be needed. Write in a journal, write poetry, or writing a letter had been sent enough.
Be Positive and humorous!
Reversing negative ideas and learn to focus on positive results to help tension and achieve goals. Research has shown that humor is a very effective mechanism to overcome the acute stress. Keeping a sense of humor in difficult situations is the general recommendation of the management of stress. Laughter not only bring a feeling of strength and perspective accumulation of help, but seems to have the physical effects of stress hormones decrease. It is unusual for people to remember the intense laughing even during tragic events such as the death of their beloved, and remember to laugh because it helps them to endure the emotional pain.
Stress at work
Stress to promote a program which is good, save money at the workplace, increase productivity and better results. To reduce stress at work, you should try to find a balance between work and family or personal life, support network of friends and friends in a relaxed and positive outlook for the defense. A healthy organization is one of the primary disease, injury, and disability in the work force are competitive in the market.a

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