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Diet (Diet Paleo)

Diet. Paleo Diet focuses on the approval of their food source is the best of the human body in accordance with us, while eliminating their food source is not. Due to an increase in overall health, energy and general feeling of well-being.

The term "ancient" is derived from the Paleolithic, the period in human history when people have no general knowledge or agricultural practices. Agriculture did not walk until about 10,000 years ago. For agriculture and livestock are widely applied, the human clan who survive by finding food. That is, humans can not store food and for meat and fish, hunt and gather fruits and vegetables. For a period of time that person is the optimal nutrition.

Anthropologists can prove the amount of time required for human genes to adapt to the environment. Required tens of thousands, if not more, for the human gene mutated in a large bowl. Very good human Paleolithic diet tailored to the parts that interest them our physiology is still very good and we adjusted to the Paleolithic diet. This is because our bodies do not have enough time to adjust to the new diet. Genes we do not have enough time to react to the new environment in our food.

Entering the agrarian age. With the adoption of farming techniques, foods with high levels of carbohydrates. Food products such as corn, grains, legumes, nuts and milk.The advent of agricultural techniques also coincided with improved food storage and cooling technologies such as salt. This technology, combined with a carbohydrate-rich foods a lot, probably less suitable food will be provided upon request. The new environment has led to a common disease today, this is a disease like obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. In 2010, obesity affects 33% of the U.S. population. Why all this rampant disease? This is due to large amounts of unhealthy food that we do not have time to adjust. Our bodies still beat the Paleolithic diet. Your body needs a certain type of diet. Once you try this diet, your body will reward you with more energy, endurance focus, and overall feeling of health.

Here are some additional benefits from the Paleo Diet:
• weight without much effort
• High levels of testosterone in men
• Higher levels of estrogen in women
• feel more energy levels
• More efficient digestion
• Increased sex drive
• The high amount of stamina and endurance
• More regular sleep patterns
• increase bone strength
• Reduce the stress hormone, cortisol
• Other hormones that determined the speed

This can best rely on ancient food diet to improve overall health and healthcare.

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