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Health Diet. All the people [especially teens] hates skin problems. some acne scars are really bad while others may cause only mild cases. Anyway we look at our diet and changed our thinking when it comes to fighting this horrible blemishes and acne.

Although there is some debate about what acne is actually a change in diet does not work, there is enough support out there to be realistic because there is enough evidence to prove that what we eat can affect our skin [we are what we eat!].

Necessary changes in our diet

Acne diet alone will not [I do] is clear, you must log in to the habit of cleaning and moisturizing your skin at least twice a day.

Prevent or reduce this:

peanut products
fried foods
refined sugar
High carbohydrate
highly processed foods
Not all the foods above will improve your acne, some people are more sensitive than others and therefore refugees. Try removing one by one to see if it helps your skin clear, I'm sure you've noticed that after the festival, where you're eating a handful of nuts, the lag of - try to limit your intake of nuts for a few weeks and see if there is a difference [peanuts used, for example, can be delicious greasy meatball pizza or a piece of cheese, etc.]

Increasing this number

* Whole grains - oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, etc.

* Fresh vegetables - all vegetables are good for you, but remember not too fat or sugar added to increase their [pathetic, but you should avoid]

* Fruit - all will be good for you, but there are some that have very high sugar content, these limitations as much as possible

* Lean Protein - nothing is better than a piece of steak fat on the edges of perfectly cooked, delicious to avoid this if you total piece of skin problems. Chicken skin, contains large amounts of fat and also increases the oiliness that you are trying to clean up.

Some possible causes of [the food is not included] acne

* Hormones - hormones increase as we bloom occurs from pre-teen years and puberty

* Birth control pills - to start or end of the pill, hormonal reactions that can cause acne

Hormonal changes - pregnancy, poor body through some major changes in this period, and while some women look beautiful blooms and there is little that is the opposite reaction is a normal phenomenon

* Some medications - while trying to control or cure a number of other problems, the reaction can occur with a terrible case of acne worse

* Oily makeup - it can block the pores in your skin, remember that fat is not related to the purchase of goods in

* Hereditary - generally regarded as one of your parents have bad skin problems, then you have more chance of getting acne

Go healthy diet will definitely increase your energy level, overall health, and most likely give you a skin, a clear defect free.

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