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Healthy Life. Introduce healthy habits to live longer do not need to be a monumental step. Each small step can lead to significant and lasting results and live a long and strong. Here are 10 ways that you can small changes that will take you to a fitter and healthier life.

You do not go to the gym for physical activity to cover part of your daily routine. Start by adding just a walk 20 minutes twice a week on your mood and level of fitness. If you do not want to go outside in the cold, or work more personal, try yoga or Pilates DVDs.With less than half an hour earlier than usual, start your day with a calm mind and body flexibility.

Committed to more cardio-friendly oil in your diet. These include mono and polyunsaturated fats. For example, linseed oil, olive oi, organic coconut oil and sesame seeds all contain elements of a healthy heart and a protector to prevent aging and reduce inflammation. Or you can change the butter on the bread and hummus for breakfast you can snack on corn and beans.

Empty your kitchen box of healthy food and replace it with dried fruit and fresh fruit unsulphured. Keep the fresh seeds and nuts on hand to save processed or produced by the trans-fats.

Learn portion control. Cakes improve digestion and metabolism. Trying to eat until your stomach is 75% full, do not. Among other proteins, fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates in your daily intake.

Future-proof by adding at least one bone calcium-rich foods in your diet every day. Fat yogurt, green vegetables or salmon are excellent sources of calcium and prevent the incidence of osteoporosis, such as mild exercise, like Pilates or yoga.

Green vegetables are anti-oxidant power. At least one serving of vegetables per day.This could be a cup of green beans or broccoli. Try a sandwich or even hot water and add a sprinkling of olive oil broccoli with sesame seeds. Early summer brings a variety of green products are more widespread in the market.

Drink at least six to eight glasses of filtered water per day. This is important in the winter and summer, when the body can be dehydrated by heating it. Our bodies are about 70% water and need to stay hydrated for optimal performance and to dissolve the poison to prevent aging.

Eat more fiber to stay organized, to delay the digestion and healthy blood sugar levels.Digestion of seeds, nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables slowly to provide energy during the day.

Give your brain to drive by doing logic puzzles, memory games and crossword puzzles online. Giving your brain out of a job one day will not only improve your cognitive performance, can also protect your memories from the ravages of time.

Improve your sleep by reducing caffeine and opt for herbal tea instead. Engage in some light stretching before bed and relax your muscles one by one after you go to bed.

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