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Healthy Menus And Recipes (Healthy Menus For Kids)

Healthy Menus And Recipes. Healthy menu planning can help you lose weight and, possibly, longer life. Further research shows that we truly are what we eat. Food affects how we feel, how well our brains work and how we still see.

To ensure a healthy menu for today's meal, the first step is to "cut or replacement". Each meal or snack should be a good source of protein, some fats are good and some complex carbohydrates.

All three are necessary for the body to build new cells and muscle fibers. Proteins and fats are satisfying. They keep you from feeling hungry for the next scheduled meal or snack. Carbohydrates give you energy. Their bodies are changing slowly into glucose, which is the fuel for brain cells.

Simple carbohydrates are one of the few healthy diet. They are very quickly digested. If you are a professional athlete or a marathon runner, you may need quick energy.

However, while middle-carbohydrate diet on average, there is more glucose than your body can use. Finally, glucose forth to the liver where it is converted into fat.

Thus, a healthy menu does not include simple carbohydrates. Food powder is a bad choice, too. This is a short list of some foods to avoid:

Ireland, white or fried potatoes

White rice

Enriched pasta made from white flour

White bread and other breads made with white flour

White sugar

It's easy to substitute. Instead of using potatoes, try sweet potatoes, cauliflower or carrots. Instead of long, white rice, choose wild rice. Pasta, bread and pastries can be made with wheat flour, made with the germ and bran, whole. Instead of using white sugar, use brown sugar or honey for sweet foods.

Good sources of protein for healthy menu including fish, beans, lentils, beans, nuts and lean, skinless white-meat chicken. In some cases, the source of protein is also a source of fat. For example, fish and nuts are a source of protein and fat. They contain fat, which is also good.

Saturated fats and bad for our health. You can cut all the fat from your diet, just by reading the nutrition label to see facts or material. If it contains "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil" it is a source of fat, which plays a role in cancer and cardiovascular disease plays.

Menus contain healthy unsaturated fats is a good time, such as omega-3 and omega-6.They are needed for the production of new cells and hormones to make, and to provide energy.

Omega-3 found in olive and canola oils, and fatty fish. Some nuts, like walnuts and almonds are good sources, too.

Whatever you do, do not forget fruits and vegetables. To create a healthy menu, try to use vegetables as a main dish, and put a little fat and protein as well. You may live longer as a result.

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