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Best Diet. We know how to use diet to control cholesterol plays an important role in managing the successful ... Here now the news only on what you need to eat.

Optional lower cholesterol as soy, nuts and vegetables may be a better choice for lowering cholesterol by eating a traditional low fat plans.

This is from a new study found that those who suffer from high cholesterol and so-called portfolio diet (food choices that help reduce cholesterol) bring their bad cholesterol (low density lipoprotein or LDL) by nearly 13% after 6 months of a diet patch. This is similar to a 3% decrease in LDL cholesterol for those who are stuck with a diet low in saturated fat.

We know that cholesterol numbers rose, so did the risk of disease, particularly heart disease. The members who used to think that most of us, we can change the number of cholesterol with diet, but the belief that change quickly.

When it comes to the dietary portfolio, experts suggest you consider the eating plan is not a "diet", but as investments in lowering cholesterol foods. Just like you would not put all your savings into stocks, do not bet your health on healthy people - a lot of options you choose.

The researchers looked at the dietary portfolio and compare it with the traditional low-fat eating plan in 351 individuals with high cholesterol.

Participants were divided into three groups, the first of two portfolios dietary guidelines, a second group of seven sessions with a more intensive, and the third with a low-fat diets are more common.

Both groups of regular and intensive counseling portfolio diet saw their LDL cholesterol dropped nearly 13%, compared with a decrease of 3% only for those subjects as low-fat diet.

Because heart disease is known as a killer, experts believe that many people can benefit by adopting a meal plan.

If you put pressure on statin drugs to start with your doctor, perhaps even more important for you to plan to eat the first attempt to give - give you the opportunity for prescription drugs (and side effects) to avoid and work with nature to help the body stay healthy. Talk with your doctor to see what works best for your needs.

Research has shown that the addition of plant food to your diet can be almost equal in lowering bad cholesterol, as one would achieve with prescription drugs.

Also interesting is that three months of counseling sessions almost as effective as each month goes to counseling. The fact that the results came as little surprise after the session ... and encouraging.

So what's portfolio of food?

This is the meal plan consists of four types of food to the Food and Drug Administration approval as an ability to lower cholesterol. Fourth ...

1. Soy protein - meat substitute made from soy protein ... try soy burgers, hot dogs or cold "meat". Soy milk and soy (edamame) is another good choice.

2. Sticky fiber - wheat, barley and psyllium husks, three servings per day, or pick vegetables such as aubergines (eggplant) and okra.

3. Ester plants - instead of butter or margarine, use a vegetable margarine. Characters in the U. S. Benecol and Take Control. You can also supply in capsule form as dietary supplement

4. Nuts - Nuts such as almonds or walnuts, even nuts, are also part of the plan. Only a handful a day will do.

In the future, researchers will need to see if cholesterol drops defend mark six months. It is also very important to see whether people can survive with a plan ... maintain their motivation ... in the long run.

Positive things about using food as a way to control a portfolio of cholesterol is that it focuses on things that bring food, do not delete it. This is probably the reason why a nutritionist to look at ways of eating as more acceptable.

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