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Food Health. Interested in the growing health food raw. What I mean by "health food raw?" Simply amazing positive changes in health can often be achieved when a change in diet of fruits and vegetables, mostly raw.

Is there any evidence of this? There are certain.

Disease that occurs in the human body for several reasons. There is a reason for the disease. And cause only the food we eat.

I am honored to find the human body is often able to escape many diseases ... an almost magical way. If you know who is currently fighting the disease there is still hope ... in the same way there is hope for tens of thousands of people looking for the same thing I did.

In the place back in the mid-1990s, my mother came to our house to visit. It was introduced into health and nutrition magazines, and said he was impressed by its contents, especially the testimony.

Apparently, individuals in the magazine claims to cure various diseases, including such things as cancer, diabetes, lupus, and severe arthritis ... After simply changing their diet.

"Uh Huh," I thought in my heart. "Of course they are nothing more than quackery, except in the form of delusion to mask the power is not some 'magic ingredients' that are sold in a bottle .."

Because I always thought he was a healthy eater to me go through the literature to find out ... above all the story. What I read almost like fiction, especially given the severity of illness, disease and reported the depth of miracle cures.

There are some things in the material, but it seems logical. For example, the notion of the immune system is suppressed because of poor diet, which can cause disease.

Accepting the idea that, however, opened the door to further questions: Can a good diet causes the body's immune system to begin full operations at its optimal level? Can pain in the back and the immune system as imposed by poor nutrition or suppressed?

My initial skepticism about the raw materials purchased by the theory of the mind. Stories of the sheet provides a certain element of truth. There seems to be evidence of some (at least on the surface) is greater than the relationship between diet and disease, most people - myself included - have never considered.

At least, this magazine offers some interesting ideas to consider. I can not help but think how much will be the level of originality in the home site.

How wonderful, when tens of thousands of people suffering from a terrible disease can also ... Only by changing their diet is currently one of which mainly consists of raw food "live"!

My interest in raw food health continues to grow in recent years. Finally, I interviewed people with jaw-dropping kind of health changes that often come with a variety of raw foods. Although there is no uniformity of agreement among health professionals regarding this or other. It's hard to argue with the raw truth of their testimony natural health food in their own lives.

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