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Health And Nutrition. This discussion about health and nutrition revolution inspired the causes and Honey in my opinion is controversial and may surprise you, but they also can help a lot of players who are familiar some light on the myths and theories about diet and sugar. Great food for thought and action!

1) Low Cholesterol Food is not always healthy

We hope that people with low cholesterol to less saturated fat and calories to eat a little.But this is not true anymore as the intake of sugar and high fructose corn syrup rocket in recent years. Unfortunately, the proliferation of high sugar, carbohydrate-rich foods are hidden behind the "low fat, healthy 'name has caused a pandemic of obesity, the incidence of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and neuro-degenerative disease in this generation.

2) The truth about fat burning in intensive training

More intensive training, the more fat we burn? Contrary to our intuition, research has shown that aerobic exercise at the top level, but sadly 10% of our requirements derived from the metabolism of fat. Circulating lipids are released during exercise returned to the store of fat and muscle after training. Permission is closely associated with the permission of metabolic hibernation diet - selected fat as fuel for rest and recovery. As a simple diet of honey, we can optimize our body's fat metabolism during sleep.

3) for Treatment of Heart Sleep

How often do we hear about health and nutrition advice from family and friends. "Do not get used to eating before bedtime, otherwise you fat!" Get your facts right. Active sleep and energy driven, as we sleep, our body works! Go to bed with a heart exhaustion allows the release of stress hormones in our bodies. Fill out the liver glycogen stores are very small with honey before bed to create a healthy metabolic system. So if you care wise, sleeping hearts fuel.

4) Small but powerful antioxidants

At least 16 flower-flavone in honey. Looking at the cells of our bodies in the show to go, we have lowered the logic that there was no significant effect. However, when digested, it is important flavones number of minutes that really do affect, increased levels of antioxidants in our cells (including levels of vitamin C) and reducing capillary permeability and fragility. They remove oxidants and neutralizes free radicals, slowing the destruction of collagen in our body. Indeed, honey is more than just the amount of sugar.

5) How can I experience setting Perfect Blood Sugar

Many are too quick to classify honey as a forbidden food for diabetics health and nutrition. The ratio of the true one-to-one ratio of fructose and glucose in honey remarkable ability to explain the rules. Optimize conversion of glucose to fructose into glycogen which is stored in the liver, causing a sharp rise in circulating glucose. There is something mysterious in honey, allowing the liver metabolizes fructose in a way not found in the treatment or other artificial sweeteners. In fact, flowers and flavones in honey is also anti-sugar signaling device that regulates blood sugar and help control diabetes.Chasing sweet way nature intended.

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