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Healthy Options. With summer comes the summer bug summer, summer sports and summer vacations. It is hot tips to get your five fun and healthy summer to keep!

1) Drink Before dehydration. More time to rehydrate when your body shows signs of dehydration. Dizziness, nausea and even changes in mood may be associated with dehydration. Order, drink 10 glasses of water a day when the outside temperature and a glass of warm 30 minutes in the training room, glass every 20 minutes outside of training.

2) fly problem? Try Eucalyptus and / or Oil Lemon Eucalyptus. One drug that I like two cups vinegar 25 drops lemon eucalyptus oil for use in a bowl. Some also add 2 cups of the skin so soft (an Avon product). Realize that even if the food flies so things are closed when outside will help.

3) Peace sunblock - Did you know that most sunblocks chemicals that can cause cancer and other diseases. From neurotoxin to methylparabens is, 's challenge to know which are safe for skin and skin of your children. To search for a safer sunscreen for you and your family, see the cosmetic database.

4) Healthy Holiday - With the rise of allergies and digestive disorders, traveling overseas to show what went into the bathroom or the emergency room.

Some things to think about when going to a foreign country:

I wash vegetables in clean water - bottled water to wash them again or not eat if you are uncertain cleanliness;

Cooked foods are safer than raw food on the go;

Different herbs in other countries, if your stomach is sensitive, keep the non-spicy foods to keep your stomach;

If you tend to be allergic to strawberries, be careful with foreign fruit.

ICE means frozen water, bottled water, which does not mean zero. Stay away from ice as a place where water is questionable.

5) The best time to practice outdoors. Beyond the initial training day for the heat and prevent dehydration. Being healthy does not mean to hurt themselves in the process.While many people want to walk at lunch at work, it is the hottest time of day, not a good time to practice outdoors. The best way in the gym with air conditioning during the day if possible or keep turning to walk and watch for signs of dehydration (see # 1).

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