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Weight Loss Diets. Discover the common myth that you need to know when the weight-loss diet to follow.

You will be amazed when we learn about diet myths that so many of us are programmed to believe is the gospel.

Why some people can easily lose weight when you feel like you are hungry on a diet to lose weight and still does not seem to have lost something?

A common belief is that our differences in metabolism and gene causes of variation, and metabolism are not involved. Exercise more and more you maintain your muscle mass, your metabolism is higher and the more calories you will burn every day. However, metabolism is not the only factor.

What happens in your mouth to determine whether you get or lose weight. But it's generally understood the amount of calories, and is generally considered "bad" foods such as fats that cause us to gain weight.

It is all determined by the type of food you eat, and these common myths may surprise you!

1. Fat makes you fat.

So much has been learned that the fat that makes us lose weight. Eat low fat. We have heard repeatedly. Fat does not cause obesity rates in the country.

Types of carbohydrates are the cause of a steady increase in obesity, especially in children. So much of our food is based on the weight of refined white flour products, and we must avoid the bad carbs.

So no pasta, bread, muffins, cakes, sugar, cakes and alcohol. We just have to eat carbohydrates for optimal weight is non-powdered vegetable and fruit seeds such as wheat, oats, beans and rice, red.

2. Calorie restriction to lose weight.

It is true that reducing our calorie intake will help us lose weight, but it's such a low calorie diet can be debated for a long time? Certainly not for life. Low calories also means low power consumption and hungry all the time.

Eat foods that insulin response to our weight loss. And it also can lead to diabetes with continued use. Trigger the insulin response to a hormone imbalance that causes us to store food as fat. We do not want to store fat, we want to burn fat!

Just learn to foods that keep blood sugar levels, even without large fluctuations, and the pounds drop off food. In fact you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight!

3. If you have a "fat gene" and weight loss is expected.

So many people feel helpless when trying to control their weight. Why some people can eat as much as they want, but never seem to gain weight?

Once you learn what foods are safe to eat, you eat as much as you want and still lose weight. You just need to believe that you do not sneak into the offensive power.

And do not worry ... There food is very much like weight-loss diet that will satisfy your desires and make you feel if your diet is not even at all!

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